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Our exclusive hotel offers a haven designed to cater to every whisker, ensuring your beloved companions receive the pampering they deserve. From plush accommodations to personalized grooming services, our dedicated team is here to provide top-notch care and attention to every meow.

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Sent my cat here for grooming cause a friend of mine recommended this place. Thank god I made the right decision to actually trying their services. My cat smells wonderful, hairs tidied up nicely, and she seems so happy after being groomed there. The staffs there also were very friendly too. I surely will send my cat there again and I recommend you guys should too 👍🏻
As a devoted cat parent, finding a place that offers top-notch grooming services and comfortable accommodations for my fur babies is paramount. Aristocat not only met but exceeded my expectations in every way possible. In conclusion,Aristocat is more than just a cat hotel and grooming shop – it's a haven for cats and their owners alike. Whether you're in need of grooming services or looking for a temporary retreat for your furry friend, Meow Manor is the purr-fect choice. Your cats will thank you, and you'll rest easy knowing they're in the best hands possible. Affordable price too!
Best place for my cat's grooming! I've only had pleasant experiences with them so far. The staff are all super friendly and my cat has always been very relaxed over there!
This cat house is such an amazing place! The staff were friendly, the environment was comfortable and clean, and the cats were well taken care of, which made me feel at ease. I highly recommend it to all cat lovers!
Overall great experience that were given by the staff, they managed to groomed my cat well. They also gave me tips on how to take care of my cat
A great boarding service. Staff really friendly and took care of my cat. They keep updating me everyday. Very recommend
The best for grooming my bulus.. 🥰
All staff sangat friendly and peramah, kucing sangat sangat terjaga, best part setiap hari akan update kucing yang boarding dekat owner!❤️ Very Recommended

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